Woman spots sheep living with herd of deer in Fayetteville

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Or maybe you do, we suppose, if you live near a certain wooded area in Fayetteville.

According to a post on the What’s Up Fayetteville Facebook group Thursday, local resident Leslie Sherill on Wedesday spotted a sheep (or a goat?) that had apparently been adopted by a family of deer traveling together in Fayetteville.

Sherill captured a few videos of the herd, which included adult deer, fawns and at least one large(ish) dark-grey looking sheep as they made their way across the street and through a field toward a wooded area.

“Yesterday driving through Fayetteville I came across a family of deer who have adopted a sheep into their herd,” Sherill post that accompanied a set of videos read. “It was really fascinating because the lead deer was making sure to go places the sheep was able to go. I would love to know the story on how this sheep became a deer.”

Sherill said she spotted the herd on North Rupple Road in West Fayetteville.

We just thought it was kind of interesting/adorable. Check out the post and the rest of Sherill’s videos here.