Community Creative Center announce ‘Awesome Possum Super Saturday Art Parties’ this fall

Community Creative Center

Community Creative Center announced a new program to allow kids a chance to learn about painting, drawing, collage, and other art skills on Saturdays this fall.

The new program, called Awesome Possum Super Saturday Art Party, will be available on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until noon from September through November.

The events will include hands-on art lessons for kids 7-12 years old in a variety of mediums, along with music, snacks, and other activities.

The idea, officials said, is to offer a fun learning experience for the kids, and a few hours on Saturday mornings for parents to “run errands, workout or have time to relax and unwind.”

The cost of the program is $30 per kid, and scholarships are available for qualifying individuals.

The first Awesome Possum Super Saturday Art Part of the year is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 10.

Enrollment, scholarship applications, and more information is available at