Mascot chosen for new middle school in Fayetteville

Warren Collier (left) and John L. Colbert announce the mascot for John L. Colbert Middle School. (Fayetteville Public Schools)

A new middle school in west Fayetteville now has an official mascot.

After a monthlong selection process, the Cobras was announced as the new mascot for John L. Colbert Middle School.

The District took input from resident in September before sending the suggestions to a subcommittee to review the names and narrow the list to four options.

A school-based vote earlier this month determined the new mascot. Other finalist names included the Cougars, Jaguars and Panthers.

The new school, named in honor of Superintendent John L. Colbert, is currently under construction on Rupple Road, about a quarter of a mile north of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Colbert plans to retire next year.

Colbert announced the new mascot in a District video (see below) alongside Warren Collier, who will serve as principal of the new school. Collier is currently an associate principal at Fayetteville High School, and was previously assistant principal at Owl Creek School.