All-way stops coming to Dickson-Fletcher and Sang-Stone in Fayetteville

South Sang Avenue and West Stone Street (Flyer photo/Todd Gill)

Two intersections in Fayetteville will soon become all-way stops.

Crews are scheduled to install all-way stop signs at the intersection of East Dickson Street and Fletcher Avenue on Wednesday, Nov. 30. The intersection currently only includes stop signs for north-south traffic on Fletcher.

All-way stop signs will also be added at the intersection of South Sang Avenue and West Stone Street near Ramay Junior High School on Wednesday. Currently, traffic only stops when headed east or west on Stone.

The changes are being made because of limited sight distance and public safety, as well as speed and traffic volumes, said Terry Gulley, the city’s director of transportation services.

Drivers using the intersection on installation day are encouraged to use caution and watch for workers.

Other intersections converted to all-way stops this year include Church Avenue at Rock Street, Skyline Drive at Texas Way and Markham Road at Palmer Avenue.