City offers tips to prevent freezing pipes during extreme cold

(Photo: Thomas Cizauskas, CC 2.0)

With subzero temperatures in the forecast for much of the weekend, city officials offered up some tips on to help prevent waking up to frozen water pipes.

Officials said insulate all pipes located outside or in unheated areas, cover foundation vents, remove garden hoses from outside faucets, make sure water meter lids are property seated and close garage doors.

When temperatures are below freezing, allow water to drip slowly from indoor faucets, and open cabinet doors underneath sinks to expose pipes to room temperature air.

Indoor thermostats should be set to no lower than 55°F.

If pipes are suspected to be frozen, use a hair dyer or rags soaked in hot water to thaw the lines, but do not use open flames.

If a pipe has burst, shut off the water supply valve at the frozen location, if possible. If needed, the service valve to the home or business can also be shut off.

To report an issue, call the city’s Water and Sewer Operations department at 479-575-8386 between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. For after-hours issues, call Fayetteville Dispatch at 479-587-3555.

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