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Photos of Fayetteville Flyer co-founders Dustin Bartholomew and Todd Gill on the covers of some local business journals through the years.

For years, readers have been asking us how they can help support our work here at the Flyer. Today, we finally have an answer.

When we launched the Fayetteville Flyer in December of 2007, we had some pretty modest goals. We wanted to shine a light on the things we loved about Fayetteville. We wanted to let folks know about cool things happening around town. We wanted to inform our community. To document. To entertain.

Now 15 years and nearly 20,000 posts later – at least to us – it’s pretty hard to imagine Fayetteville without the Flyer keeping track of this city we love, writing about what restaurants might soon open, covering City Council meetings, and taking photos at local events.

We’ve made a living as a two-person team (with the help of a handful of talented contributors) by partnering with some of our favorite local businesses to offer an affordable way to advertise their goods and services. Those businesses get to reach the most informed and engaged residents in Fayetteville, who in turn, get news and specials from some of their favorite places.

It was a really good recipe. It still is.

As a result, the Flyer has always been, and will continue to be free to read. That won’t change anytime soon, but as we look for ways to solidify our presence here, in hopes of one day expanding our coverage, we decided this year to give our readers an opportunity to support our work with a new initiative.

Flyer swag for the first 50 recurring supporters to commit $10 or more per month.

Here’s how it works.

  • As a friend of the Flyer, you can contribute any amount you see fit to help support our work. You can choose to give monthly, annually, or make a one-time contribution. We appreciate the support at any level.
  • Recurring supporters are eligible for giveaways of items like concert tickets, merchandise, and more.
  • Most importantly, supporters will help keep our work free for all.

The first 50 recurring supporters to commit $10 or more per month will receive a Fayetteville pennant and a Fayetteville Flyer coffee mug as a thank you for helping us get this initiative off the ground.

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