Fayetteville’s first smash room now open

(Courtesy, NWA Smash Lab)

I think it was late 20th century poet, philosopher, and musician William Frederick Durst who said “I pack a chainsaw / I’ll skin your a** raw / And if my day keeps going this way I just might / break something tonight.”

Now, there is a place for local residents to release similar levels of aggression at the newly opened NWA Smash Lab, a smash room that opened last weekend in central Fayetteville.

The new business, located at 1882 N. Pluto Drive just around the corner from Fossil Cove Brewing Co., is exactly what it sounds like.

Here is how they describe it on their website:

At NWA Smash Lab, you can break and smash items like bottles, glasses, plates, and other breakable objects. We provide all the tools you need, including bats, golf clubs, and sledge hammers. Our staff is always around to make sure everyone is having a safe and enjoyable experience, so you don’t have to worry about anything

Packages are available for individuals to just go in and go nuts for 20 minutes, for groups of up to eight people to smash stuff up together, or for corporate team building outings. “Premium” smashes that include BB guns and bottle bowling are also available.

Prices range from $35 per person for a solo smash to $25 per person for larger groups.

You can even bring your own items to smash, subject to approval and for an additional fee.

The new business is a project by longtime local musician Jeff Kearney, known for his work with Flipoff Pirates, 1 Oz. Jig, and other projects.

The business is open by appointment most afternoons and evenings and though some walk-in smashes are available, advance booking is preferred.

For a bit more information about the new business, or to book a smash sesh, visit their website.