Bentonville selected as one of 50 markets for ‘Picklemall’ expansion


Bentonville has been chosen as one of the 50 markets in the United States where “Picklemall” plans to expand its operations within the next two years.

The endeavor is backed by billionaire Steve Kuhn, the founder of Major League Pickleball, who aims to convert 50 vacant department stores and strip malls into premier pickleball facilities nationwide.

The concept aims to fill space in the increasing number of empty big box stores and the scarcity of suitable pickleball facilities. With pickleball being the fastest-growing sport in the country, cities are working to construct enough courts to meet the rising demand.

Picklemall customers can use a dedicated app to reserve courts. Once inside the facility, gameplay will be recorded by a camera, giving players the ability to watch, analyze and learn from their game footage in real time, according to a news release.

“Our goal is not only to make pickleball more accessible to a wider audience but also to assist players in improving their skills with the guidance of experts,” said West Shaw, CEO of Picklemall.

No specific location in Bentonville was announced.

Other markets named in the expansion include Tempe, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.