Coler Mountain Bike Preserve introduces new enhancements to ‘The Rise’

A new meditation platform is shown at the summit of The Rise in at the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. (Courtesy photo)

BENTONVILLE – Coler Mountain Bike Preserve has unveiled additional features for “The Rise,” a 185-step outdoor exercise stairway just off the greenway in Bentonville.

The new feature is a meditation platform and bench seating area at the summit of the staircase, which gives walkers and runners a designated place to rest and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

The final 11 steps of the stairway include motivational phrases crafted into the wood surface.

“The Rise at Coler offers an opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves while enjoying a walk or run,” said Lori Greminger, site manager of Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. “Additionally, the breathtaking scenery encountered during the ascent adds to the experience.”

For visitors seeking convenience and a shorter walk, it is advisable to park in the north lot at 11840-11850 Peach Orchard Road in Bentonville. Access to The Rise is also available from any parking lot via the Applegate Trail, which connects SW 8th Street to NW 3rd Street.

Designed by Modus Studios, The Rise was inspired by workout stairs in Santa Monica, California. It’s constructed of steel and rough-sawn cedar. The journey ascends 185 steps and is equal to 11 flights of stairs.

(Courtesy photo)
(Courtesy photo)