Fayetteville fills nine positions on city boards and committees

Urban Forestry Advisory Board meeting on Aug. 2, 2023. (Fayetteville Government Channel)

The Fayetteville City Council on Tuesday approved nine appointments to six of the city’s boards and committees.

Most appointments are recommended by the council’s Nominating Committee, which includes one council member from each of the city’s four wards as chosen by the mayor each January. Some recommendations are made by the mayor or members of the boards.

Fayetteville citizen committees consist of mostly volunteer citizens who resident within the city limits and are registered voters. Vacancies are reported here on the Flyer once each quarter after the city releases its list.

The most recent recommendations were announced Tuesday by Councilmember Mike Wiederkehr, who serves as chair of the Nominating Committee.

The new members are listed below:

Environmental Action Committee
Grimsley Graham – One Unexpired Citizen-at-Large Term Ending 12/31/24

Fayetteville Arts Council
Mary Sue Price – One Unexpired Working Artist Term Ending 06/30/25

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
Tricia Moore – One Unexpired Public-at-Large Term Ending 12/28/26

Town and Gown Advisory Committee
Annie Dowling – One Resident-at-Large (Representing Ward 2) Term Ending 09/30/25
Brandon Gibbins – One University of Arkansas Student Living Off Campus Term Ending 09/30/25

Urban Forestry Advisory Board
Bethany Douglas – One Unexpired Tree Service Community Representative Term Ending 12/31/24
Carlo Bertani – One Unexpired Resident-at-Large Term Ending 12/31/24

Walton Arts Center Council
Barry Bryan – One Unexpired Citizen-at-Large Term Ending 06/30/24
Claire Kolberg – One Unexpired Citizen-at-Large Term Ending 06/30/25