Dickson Street lot to close for new park construction

Parking will be replaced by a new deck that's set to soon open across the street.
A sign announces the impending closure of the parking lot at the southwest corner of Dickson Street and West Avenue across from the Walton Arts Center. (Flyer photo/ Todd Gill)

The largest parking lot in the Dickson Street area will soon be removed to make way for a new public park.

The 290-space city-owned lot at the southwest corner of Dickson and West Avenue is set to be completely redeveloped as part of the next phase of The Ramble. Parking will be replaced by a new, 300-space deck that’s set to soon open across the street.

Construction fencing last week was added to the perimeter of the lot, and signs notifying residents of the impending closure were placed on all sides of the property.

The voter-approved project is formerly known as the cultural arts corridor.

City leaders envision a lively public park in the heart of the city that will be a hub of activity and a central gathering spot for residents.

Voters were shown concept images that included a vast stretch of green lawn where families can picnic, kids can play, and events can be held. The plans also included art gardens, trails and an interactive water course running the length of the space.

The proposal included two prominent buildings anchoring the park, one that includes a hotel and another that was first envisioned as a food hall.

A screenshot of a flyover video shows a new public park area replacing a large parking lot at the southwest corner of Dickson Street and West Avenue. (City of Fayetteville)

Voters were also told that the parking lot wouldn’t be removed until all of the parking spaces were replaced by the new deck across the street. Work on the deck is nearing completion, and city officials have said the plan is to have it opened and ready for use sometime this fall.

Two other key components of The Ramble have already been completed, including renovation of the Fay Jones Woods, and improvements to West Avenue near the Fayetteville Public Library.

Civic plaza – Early concept renderings

Civic plaza canal (Courtesy)
Civic plaza grove and trail (Courtesy)
Civic plaza terrace lawn (Courtesy)
Civic plaza overhead (Courtesy)