Recently-closed Marlo’s Little House of Tacos may reopen soon

(Flyer photo)

A taco restaurant that has served Fayetteville since the 1990s was recently closed, but there is hope it could soon return.

Marlo’s Little House of Tacos, also known locally as its previous name of Marlo’s Taco Shack, has been closed during regular open hours for the past couple weeks, and a Facebook page for the business was marked “permanently closed” by administrators about three weeks ago. We stopped by to find the restaurant closed at lunch time last week, and dialed the phone number associated with the business a few times recently as well to get a message saying “the person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.”

This week, however, a sign posted on the door of the restaurant indicates it will soon reopen.

The hand-written letters, which was taped to the door and drive-thru window on both sides of the building, are not signed, but are dated Nov. 6.

From the letter:

We will be back open as soon as we finish our deep cleaning and get our new equipment in. The recipes will be the same as well as the cheese dip. We will be looking forward to seeing you all.

Marlo’s is located at 1192 N Garland Ave, in a small building located in Oak Plaza Shopping Center. As the name suggests, the restaurant was best known for their tacos served by the meal or by the six pack, along with their cheese dip and other items.

It wouldn’t be the first time the restaurant closed briefly. Marlo’s Taco Shack (as it was originally named) also closed in 2016, only to reopen again weeks later as Marlo’s Little House of Tacos.

We reached out to an email address associated with the business for more details, and will update this post if we hear back from them.