Magnitude 3.8 earthquake shakes part of eastern Arkansas


A magnitude 3.8 earthquake rattled parts of northeastern Arkansas on Wednesday, according to geologists.

The earthquake occurred shortly before noon near the town of Etowah, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.
The rural town, which has a population of about 250 people, is located about 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Memphis, Tennessee.

The Arkansas Division of Emergency Management said there were no reports from county officials of damage or injuries.

Etowah is near the New Madrid fault line, which has been responsible for numerous small and large earthquakes. Beginning in late 1811, a series of powerful earthquakes occurred along the fault line, including one with an estimated magnitude of 7.7.

Jeremy Brown, who lives near Etowah, told The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that he “thought an 18 wheeler struck the house for a second.”

Some people reported feeling the quake in western Tennessee.

Shianna Wallace of Drummonds, Tennessee, told WREG that she was sitting on her reclining chair when she began to feel a swaying sensation.

“It was just like movement. Maybe like a wave and you’re on a raft and it was a wave. It was just kind of weird,” she told the station.