Arkansas adding new 327 area code in February

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A new area code is coming to Arkansas next month.

With the 870 area code expected to run out of phone numbers by 2025, the Arkansas Public Service Commission will add a new 327 area code beginning Feb. 20.

The commission last year announced the new area code as an “overlay” for the 870 region, meaning customers in that area could have either of the two area codes.

Because of the overlay, all local calls made within that region must be placed using an area code. The mandatory 10-digit dialing rule went into effect on Friday, Jan. 20. The commission said going forward, calls placed using just 7 digits will not be completed.

Anyone with an existing 870 area code will keep their same number, but new services added after Feb. 20 could be assigned a 327 area code.

The overlay plan was first adopted in 2009, but implementation was later delayed until 2024.

The 870 and 327 region covers portions of northern, eastern and southern Arkansas in cities like Harrison, Mountain Home, Jonesboro, El Dorado, Pine Bluff, Monticello and Magnolia.