Mini festival curated by Fayetteville Film Fest to showcase Northwest Arkansas filmmakers

A scene from “Libertad” by Hilary Lex & Ashley Hayes (Courtesy)

The Fayetteville Film Fest will present an evening of works by Northwest Arkansas filmmakers at the Walton Arts Center next month.

The mini film festival takes place at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 6, and includes works ranging from celebrations of community to emotional explorations of grief. The event will feature two blocks of films, with an intermission between each block.

Tickets for the event are $15 and are available online, by calling 479-443-5600, or in-person at the Walton Arts Center box office.

The featured films and filmmakers include:


Director: Hilary Lex & Ashley Hayes – Bentonville
Length: 17 minutes
This short documentary film chronicles the story of World Ride’s program in Guatemala through the eyes of Christa, their first ride leader in the country. World Ride is a registered 501c3 nonprofit that works to empower women globally through mountain biking.

Kids from West Fork

Director: Dalton Hays – West Fork
Length: 4 minutes
This film is a celebration of the people and community of West Fork, Arkansas – past, present and future.

Morning Room

Director: Lexie Mosby – Siloam Springs
Length: 10 minutes
Dealing with sexual assault, Christian sexual repression and purity culture, Morning Room follows Lou as she confronts her boyfriend Damon, after discovering he has been molesting her in her sleep.

I Can’t Do This Anymore

Director: Laina Adelle Ludwig – Siloam Springs
Length: 12 minutes
This film follows a father and daughter each individually dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Mom.ent of Peace

Director: Raelyn Munneke – Fayetteville
Length: 8 minutes
Meet Audrey, Carla, Melissa and Laura. Each have unique interests. Audrey’s a writer. Carla’s an avid scuba-diver. Melissa’s a veterinarian, and Laura manages recruiting at a top company. Each is also a mom whose busy lives are also bustling through a constant chaos of needs and wants, not of their own.

Angle of Attack

Director: Russell Leigh Sharman – Fayetteville
Length: 12 minutes
Dallas just got a new smoking tat burned on his back, and he’s ready to show it off. But not before his best friend Austin drags him and his beer-swilling buddies to an open-mic poetry jam at a posh wine bar. Is the poetry any good? Does that really smoke? What awkward angles do friends have to navigate when telling each other the truth, straight up?

Different Not Less

Director: Alexandra Duran – Rogers
Length: 4 minutes
Different Not Less explores the personal and authentic view of Alexandra’s acceptance of her late autism diagnosis as a 17-year-old (voiced through a journal entry).


Director: Bailey Vo – Bentonville
Length: 14 minutes
J.O.E. is an emotional and hopeful drama/coming-of-age short film that wants to share the message that sometimes not everything is as it seems, and also that it’s okay to reach out for help if you are struggling mentally.

Madness Within

Director: Tyler Horne and Levi Horne – West Fork
Length: 13 minutes
An occultist doctor suspects something sinister is wrong with his new patient.

Joan and the Rolling Stone

Director: Ethan Edwards – Greenbriar
Length: 8 minutes
A young woman finds answers to her own grief when she embarks on a journey with a talking bowling ball.