Film lineup released for Indie Films Artosphere Showcase

The lineup is out for a miniature film festival curated by Fayetteville Film Fest during the Artosphere art and nature festival this month.

The event, called Indie Films Artosphere Showcase, is set for 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 11 at Walton Arts Center.

The films selected for the event are intended to “enrich our understanding of the planet and spark conversations about sustainability and nature,” officials said.

The films will be screened in two blocks, with an intermission in between.

The full list of films included in the festival lineup is below.

Tickets to the showcase are $15 (plus fees). For a bit more info, or to purchase tickets, visit

Indie Films Artosphere Showcase lineup

Film descriptions provided by Walton Arts Center

Joan and the Rolling Stone 
Director: Ethan Edwards 
Length: 8 minutes 
Description: A young woman finds answers to her own grief when she embarks on a journey with a talking bowling ball

Radio Telescope  
Director: Tanner Beard 
Length: 17 minutes 
Description: Set in 1984, a former NASA scientist and his young son make a discovery in their make-shift laboratory in their garage

The Countryman 
Director: Andy Kastelic 
Length: 21 minutes 
Description: Bitterness threatens to destroy a small farming community until a stranger arrives with a curious proposition

The Last Snow 
Director: Shayan Naghibi  
Length: 4 minutes 
Description: Everything can disappear like the fall of the last snowflake

Green Eyes 
Director: Joe Ramos 
Length: 3 minutes 
Description: An exploration of the “what ifs” of a relationship that is ending

The Perfect Day 
Director: Virgile Beddok, Daniel Breithaupt and Jonathan Frey 
Length: 16 minutes 
Description: Charlie Hoover, an aspiring ad man living in his van, eagerly answers a job posting to videotape Linda Lindell’s online life coaching series. However, the gig quickly evolves into an indoctrination to Linda’s peculiar methodology as the two form an unlikely bond in pursuit of completing the “perfect day”

Director: Brian Du  
Length: 5 minutes 
Description: Lucy is granted three wishes by Marina the Magic Mermaid, but things don’t quite go according to plan

Three Ninety Five 
Director: Nicholas Thurkettle 
Length: 7 minutes 
Description: The world has gone quiet. With no home and no memory, a nameless traveler searches for fellow survivors along a remote highway