Lasagna WHAT?

These cupcakes come out of the oven bubbling and sizzling, with oozy browned cheese, gooey filling, and crispy pasta tips. They can also sit covered in the fridge for up to five days – I ate one for lunch every day last week!

Eric’s Special

Last weekend, I set out to blatantly copy Hugo’s signature sandwich, the Derek’s Special. The delicious, juicy chicken, the toasty bun, the melted Swiss, the salty bacon and the sweet n’ spicy honey mustard.

For Jim

In less than an hour, these dumplings come out of the oven beautifully browned and bubbling hot. Serve these alongside vanilla ice cream, and you’ll be in seventh heaven. This one’s for you, Jim.

Bake for the Sake

Traditionally, risotto is labored over for the better part of an hour. This version, however, is hands off. What begins as an odd-looking soup of stock, raw rice, sweet potatoes and kale turns into a wonderfully creamy, savory treat in only 30 minutes.

Incapable of Curry

Fayetteville residents have been known to drive as far as Tulsa or even Little Rock for Indian food, before Rogers and Bentonville got India Corner and Chutney’s. For me, though, 25 minutes is still entirely too far to drive for some mediocre tikka masala.

Post-Christmas Roast

This dinner is about as hands-off as it gets, and the results make it look like you slaved all afternoon. Serve this hearty dish with crusty bread to soak up the delicious sauce, and reward yourself for all your hard work this holiday season.

Stollen Goods

With the delicious Stollen, the sweet, creamy custard and the homemade syrup, this Stollen French toast is so good, it will – for a lack of a better phrase – make you want to slap your mama.

Stew & Brew

The flavors are unlike anything you’ve had before, I can promise you. The cinnamon adds a heady, warm spice, the lemon adds the perfect zing, and the acidity is all balanced out with the addition of a good beer.

Pot Pie Pride

If your only experience with pot pie comes from the freezer section of your grocery store, then hang onto your socks, big fella. These pot pies will knock them off for sure. Enjoy!