Dan Savage, Sex Advice Columnist, to Lecture at UA

The end of January and beginning of February will be a little “This American Life” party.

Dan Savage, known for his books, sex advice column and homosexuality, will come to Fayetteville to speak at the University of Arkansas. “Savage Love Live” is sponsored by Matthew Chavez and the Cultures and Concepts Committee of University Programs at UA. Savage will speak on Monday, February 2nd, at 7:00PM in the Arkansas Union. Oh, and it’s free for the public.

Savage will lecture on sex and relationships. There will also be a Q&A session with a book signing. Afterwords, there will be a reception at the Anne Kittrell Art Gallery, also located in the Arkansas Union, fourth floor.

Savage has written four books including: The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family; Skipping Towards Gomorrah; The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant; and Savage Love: Straight Answers from America’s Most Popular Sex Columnist.

[More info: Dan Savage’s articles for The Stranger, University Programs MySpace]
[Photo: wellsdunbar via Creative Commons 2.0]