Weekend: Feb 13, 14 and 15

It’s Friday the 13th today, and that means that a lot of bad stuff is probably going to happen tonight and that some crazy freak in a hockey mask is more than likely going to be going around killing lots of people.

If you believe that, you suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th. We learned a new word.

It’s also Valentines Day weekend, and that means that flower shops, greeting card stores, restaurants, jewelers, and chocolatiers are losing their freaking minds right now. For some, Valentines Day is a night to spend with that special someone, and a celebration of love and romance. For the more cynical among us, it means two things:

  1. Spending more money than usual.
  2. Sex?

On Friday, probably the best way to stay away from all the masked murderers running around tonight is to check out some live music (safety in numbers, right?). Your best bets for rock tonight are at Georges with A Good Fight and Calling Tokyo in the Garden, the Inner Party and the Christmas Fuller Project in the lounge with Full House and FOS Project during Happy Hour. That’s a lot of music for one night. Wow.

The Gypsy on College also has a full lineup of rock deliciousness tonight with Indiana & The Byrds, John Henry & The Engine, The Darksuits, and The People in the Paper.

Tomorrow night for lovers, check out Valentines themed shows at the Smoke and Barrel with the Hearbreakers Ball featuring Cletus Got Shot and 3 Penny Acre. At Froggy’s you can check out the Red and Pink Party with Ultra Suede and Cassette. George’s has Bleu Edmondson and Use Curtis.

Or you could head to the Walton Arts Center and check out the Lionel Loueke Trio. We highly recommend checking out his site. Loueke is an incredible Jazz guitarist born in West Africa who has played with some of the greatest musicians in the world.

Or you could get a do-over on the prom, Delicious style.

There’s probably a ton more going on this weekend, but we’ve got work to do around here, so as always, feel free to let us know what we missed in the comments. What are you guys doing this weekend?

Friday, Feb. 13
Arsaga’s Crossover: Kyle Lee
Arsaga’s Gregg: Launa Hoffman
Boom Boom Room: Earth Society, Taddy Porter
Froggy’s: The Poggs, Very Special Guests, I-Pedoni
George’s: A Good Fight, Calling Tokyo, Inner Party, Christmas Fuller Project, Full House, FOS Project
Gypsy on College: Indiana & The Byrds, John Henry & The Engine, The Darksuits, The People in the Paper
ROTC: On The Run
Smoke and Barrel: Lucio presents: Grown Folks Night
Speakeasy: DJ Greg
Tangerine: DJ Jux
Teatro Scarpino: Salsa/Swing Dancing

Saturday, Feb. 14
Arsaga’s Crossover: Kathy Cole & 4 Guys Named Moe
Arsaga’s Gregg: The Red Suite
Boom Boom Room: Ringo Alcoa Band
Cheers: Qland
Froggy’s: Red and Pink Party with Ultra Suede and Cassette
George’s: Bleu Edmondson, Use Curtis
Gypsy: Nomenclature, Wake, FuckYall, LiquidCourage
Soul: Jazz
Speakeasy: DJ Greg
Smoke and Barrel: Heartbreaker’s Ball: 3 Penny Acre, Cletus Got Shot
Tangerine: DJ Jux
Teatro Scarpino: Neo-Victoria dance night with Bobby Scarborough

Sunday, Feb. 15
Common Grounds: DJ SoulFree, Brandy Armstrong
Dickson Theater: Drag Show
George’s: Mountain Sprout
Pesto Cafe: Shannon Wurst