Indian food in Fayetteville?

Fayetteville is rich in many things. For example, we have plenty of pizza and plenty of awesome. (Sorry)

What we are severely lacking, however, is a good place to get some Indian food. OK, strike that. ANY PLACE to get some Indian food.

That looks to be changing at least on a weekly basis with an announcement we noticed at the top of the Ella’s Restaurant events page on their website.

Authentic Indian Lunch at Ella’s Every Tuesday

Beginning March 3rd, Chef William Lyle invites you to try our Authentic Indian Fare!

Ella’s Restaurant is proud to present to you the only Indian cuisine in Fayetteville!

Each Tuesday from 11am – 2pm

In addition to our regular lunch menu, we will be offering a Buffet of Traditional Indian Curries, fresh baked Naan, and much more!

$12 per person or $10 for UA students and faculty.

*Reservations recommended, but not required

So there you have it. Indian food in Fayetteville. On Tuesdays. And you students even get a discount. Not bad.

Now, who’s gonna head out to Ella’s today to try it out today and let us know the verdict?

[Photo: ciaochow via Flickr and Creative Commons 2.0]