Winners: Local540 Wii giveaway

Let’s all join in for a nice big round of applause (tap your mouse on your desk a few times) directed at Meredith Adams, the winner of our Local540 Win a Wii Contest that ended last night.

After two weeks of driving that Wii around town taking photos of it in front of various local establishments, it’s time to hand it off to Meredith and say goodbye to our little friend.

Meredith entered multiple times including a few e-mails to some friends but it was the Tweet she sent out yesterday that sealed the deal (see graphic below).

There were 136 total entries so we headed over to Random.Org and used their handy-dandy True Random Number Generator to find us a winner. The random number was 123 and that was Meredith. Congrats!

For the rest of you who entered, we can’t thank you enough for all the tips, suggestions and kind words you sent our way. For those of you who opted to tell someone about Local540, it was great to see how you explained the value of the site to your friends and family members through e-mail, blogs and Twitter.

We’d love to have your continued support for Local540. Please let us know if you find a mistake so we can correct it. And if we for some reason don’t notice a new business that has opened, give us a shout and we’ll add it.

We’ll have more contests coming soon both here on the Flyer and on Local540 so stay tuned for those (hint: there’s one coming tomorrow).

Thanks again, everyone!