Local news: Monday 4/20

That’s the second time I’ve typed “4/20” today and each time I’ve snickered to myself. Instead of being redundant, I’ll just point you to today’s “To-do” post for a very brief exploration of a few of the theories behind the mysterious number.

Too much mulch
The Great Ice Storm wreaked havoc on Fayetteville in so many ways. First we all had to deal with thousands of tree limbs that fell in our yards and on our houses. Now we’ve got tons of mulch to get rid of. Too much mulch. 150,000 cubic yards of the stuff to be exact. If you’re like me and you’re not too good with numbers in terms of envisioning exactly how much mulch that is, here’s a number that might help: $439,500. Want details? Read “Council awards contract to remove wood chips” (NWA Times)

More recylcing?
Skip Descant takes a look at an unintended local result of the recession in “Area Recycling On The Rise” (Morning News)

See the full presentation for the FHS master plan at fayar.net or read about it at “A new FHS: School board favors replacing FHS academic buildings” (NWA Times).

Rebuilding Together of Northwest Arkansas
Lots of volunteers including our own Greg Leding helped makeover eight area homes. “Northwest Arkansas Volunteers Give Homes A Face-Lift” (Morning News)

Beer Ok’d in c-stores
Yes, you read that right. You’ll soon be able to buy beer at 2 convenience stores in town. Which ones? Here: “Gas and beer Two Fayetteville convenience stores granted beer permits” (NWA Times) and “Beverage Control Board Approves Two Beer Permits” (Morning News)

FAC in the NYT
The Fayetteville Athletic Club got national coverage as one of the hundreds of businesses across the country facing foreclosure after the failure of its bank. Check out “After the Bank Failure Comes the Debt Collector” (NY Times) or “Athletic club at risk in foreclosure battle” (NWA Times),