To-do: Monday 4/20

It’s April 20th and you know what that means. Or do you? I mean, there are quite a few theories out there about the origin of 420 but do any of you actually know where it came from?

Some theories I’ve heard over the years are that 420 is the police code for marijuana, that there are 420 chemicals in marijuana and that 4:20 is tea time in Holland. I’ve heard from a handful of police officers that 420 is not a code for anything. I’ve also read that there are more like 300-ish chemicals in marijuana and that tea time in Holland is actually something like 5:00 or 5:30.

The most popular (and probable?) theory is that of the Waldos – a group of San Rafael High School students who smoked pot at 4:20 every day. They supposedly coined the term and used it as sort of a secret code that eventually spread across the country (see video below). What do you think?

In celebration of whatever today actually means, there’s a NORML concert tonight at George’s featuring music by The Great Scotts, The Poggs and Indiana & The Byrds as well as DJs Sir Q, EQ, Shortfuze and Vaxination. There’s also some kind of rolling contest (tobacco, of course) and a video testimony booth. It’s not at 4:20, though. It’s probably around 9.

Below is a full list of the rest of the events that we know about. Know of anything else going on tonight? Be careful answering that, now.

George’s: Norml concert w/ The Great Scotts, The Poggs, Indiana & The Byrds
Pesto Cafe: Darren Ray
Smiling Jack’s Fresh Foods: Green Drinks (read about it here)
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall: Garrett Jones Bass Recital
US Pizza Co: Effron White
Walton Arts Center: Campus Band & Symphonic Band (7:30pm)

[Photo by Fulvio Minichini via Flickr & Creative Commons 2.0.]