Score prediction winners for Eastern Michigan, USC, and Troy

I realized this morning I’ve done a crappy job of announcing the winners for our weekly score prediction contests here on the Flyer. Here are the last three winners in one post. Make friends with these people. They’re BBQ-rich.

Arkansas beat the crap out of Eastern Michigan, and Sardon was the closest to the 63-27 final score with his prediction of 63-14.

Then, Arkansas beat South Carolina 33-16, and Taylor predicted a score of 34-16. Nice work Taylor.

Finally, last Saturday Ian Baker became our first two-time score prediction champion with his prediction of 55-17 on the Troy game, which ended up with a 56-20 final score. Ian also won the Florida score prediction contest, and is probably on a plane to Vegas right now considering his recent luck.

Congrats to all the winners, who all scored a tailgating package for 4 from Sassy’s Red House. Thanks to Sassy’s for sponsoring this contest. You guys should really try their BBQ.