To-do: Monday 1/4

After consulting the calendar this morning, we realized this would be the easiest to-do post in history. Why is that? Because there’s only one listing. But it sounds like a fun one.

In case you haven’t heard, Fayetteville has a place to roller skate again. It’s called the Starlight Skatium and it’s on College Ave. in the old Curry’s building.

The rink is now open for biznass, complete with a brand new maple hardwood floor and brand new skates. And if you’re brave enough to venture out on the streets tonight, you’re probably brave enough to roll around on a pair of skates for the first time in years, which means you might consider attending the fundraiser skate party they’re holding.

Proceeds will go to the Paul Mitchell The School – Arkansas and the party kicks off at 7pm. Cost is $6 per skater or $20 for a family of four (non-skaters pay $2).

That’s all we’ve got. Is there anything else going on tonight?

Monday, January 4
Starlight Skatium: Paul Mitchell the School Skate Party 7pm