What bands do you want to see in Fayetteville in 2010?

Last summer, we had a pretty lively discussion about some of the best shows that have come through Fayetteville over the years.

But as great as those shows were, and as much as I enjoy the nostalgic feeling I get remembering them, the past is the past, and the best shows in the history of Fayetteville are (hopefully) ahead of us.

Just last week, Wakarusa announced its second round of artists for this year’s festival. The AMP is expected to announce part of its summer season this afternoon, and we’re still waiting on the first artists to be announced at the new Osage Creek Performing Arts Center.

What are some of the bands you’d like to see on those lists? Who do you want to show up on the calendars at George’s, the Smoke and Barrel, or the Sang House this year? (Times New Viking just played there. Seriously)

It’s been almost two years since we asked this question, so this discussion is long overdue.

The criteria is pretty much the same as last time, so here are the rules of this game.

1. No bands that are dead. This is not a what-bands-would-you-see-if-you-could-see-any-band-living-or-dead kind of post, so don’t even put “Jimmy Hendrix, dude” cause that guy is dead. Sorry. The idea is that you’ve got to be a least a little realistic here which leads me to

2. No bands that are bigger than Jesus. Come on y’all, this is Fayetteville we’re talking about and it’s not exactly the biggest market in the world. We’re not going to get Radiohead to play at a small venue on Dickson Street.

3. Pretend your butt is on the line. Now that you have a list in your head, imagine that you were the promoter and if the venue didn’t get at least half full, you were gonna lose a lot of money and possibly respect. Just because you and your 25 friends love a particular band doesn’t mean it’s gonna draw in enough money to make it worth your while. This is where it gets tricky so think real hard.

4. Take off your pants. Um…try it. You’ll love it…

Let’s hear it. What bands do you want to see in Fayetteville in 2010?