2010 Visitor’s Guide out now

The 2010 Fayettteville Visitor’s Guide is out and just as promised, the cover features the late Steve Moore’s awesome photo of the castle at Wilson Park.

As always, the guide has spotlights of local business people and this time, Bruce Walker (Flying Possum Leather) and Tiffany Caston (Starlight Skatium) are included.

Besides the useful stuff like city, campus and trail maps, there are usually a few other interesting nuggets.

This year, there’s a tribute to the evolution of the Razorback logo. The section shows 10 different logos from years past, starting with a crude line drawing from 1916. Our personal favorite is the one used in the early 70s that featured one of the funniest looking hogs we’ve ever seen. How did anyone ever think that thing would be the slightest bit intimidating?

If you know someone who’s new to town, tell them to stop by the Fayetteville Visitor’s Bureau on the square and pick one up. Or just grab a copy for yourself. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

For a sneak peek, check out the slideshow below or see all the photos on our Flickr page.