Fayetteville couple wins TCBY franchise

Fayetteville’s Jared and Sarah Greer have won their very own TCBY store which will soon be built right here in town.

The Greers were one of five finalists, narrowed from a field of 10, in a nationwide contest to receive their very own TCBY franchise, a prize worth over $300,000.

“This has been a phenomenal experience,” said Greer at a press announcement on the square Wednesday morning. Greer and his wife campaigned extensively throughout the area both on foot and through the use of the internet. They built their own website and utilized a handful of social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to help spread their message and drum up support to make it to the finals.

Greer said out of the over 11,000 votes cast in the semifinal round, he and his wife received nearly 7,000 for their campaign.

TCBY President Michael Ward and Jared Greer

“We wouldn’t be here without the citizens of Northwest Arkansas coming together, as we always do to support our own, and voting us into the finals of this competition,” said Greer.

The grass roots campaign, along with the Greer’s extensive business experience and passion for the TCBY brand helped solidify them as the winner.

“We’re so pleased with the hard work and professionalism The Greers gave to this contest,” said Michael Ward, President of TCBY. “We feel we have chosen a winner who we know love this brand like it was their own.”

Mayor Lioneld Jordan and Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce President Steve Clark were also on the square for the announcement.

“As most of you know, TCBY originated right here in Arkansas and we are excited to welcome back this historic brand,” said Jordan. “This is great news for our city and our citizens,” added Clark.

As graduates of the University of Arkansas, the Greers plan to find a location for the new store near the UA campus in Fayetteville, and eventually add more locations throughout Northwest Arkansas.