Megan Chapman hosts an Art Talk on Saturday

If you’ve attended a First Thursday event on the Fayetteville square recently, you know that what started as a small art walk between a few local galleries just over a year ago has turned into a full-fledged community event, attended by basically everyone you know, complete with music, food, drinks, and of course, lots of great art. It’s a party.

Of course, with so many folks filling the galleries in the Fayetteville Underground, Matt Miller Studios, and on the streets on First Thursday, sometimes it’s difficult to get to know the artists, and to be able to gain insight into their processes.

Recently, the folks at the Fayetteville Underground have begun a series of Art Talks, or informal presentations by the artists about the exhibits currently on display.

There’s one tonight featuring Greg Moore and Lelani Law, and there’s another one on Saturday Aug. 28, when artist Megan Chapman will speak about Paris Photographer Christian Demare’s photography show “Ghosts in the Landscape #2,” now on display in the Hive Gallery.

Chapman said that the plan is to make these Art Talks a regular monthly event at the Underground.

“We plan to have dedicated days once or twice a month for the Art Talks so that people can depend on them as easily as First Thursday,” she said. “We are excited about offering these casual and more intimate gatherings for those in the community interested in learning more about the current exhibitions at the Fayetteville Underground.”

Megan’s presentation on Saturday begins at 11 a.m. It also happens to be the final day of the exhibition.