TCBY franchise winners will locate new store in Rogers

The Fayetteville couple that won a TCBY franchise in a nationwide contest earlier this year have chosen to locate their new store at Promenade Pointe Shopping Center in Rogers.

The couple originally planned to open the new store near the University of Arkansas campus, but contest winner Jared Greer said that the opening of two frozen yogurt shops in the area, and the possibility of another national chain on the way, led to the decision to open in Rogers.

“We made our video for the contest in the fall of 2009 and we wanted to put our store right next to the University of Arkansas,” Greer said. “Between that time and when we won the contest (May 2010), Orange Mango (now Moonberries Frozen Yogurt) opened on Dickson Street, 3 Spoons announced their location in the parking deck on Garland, and we heard talk that Red Mango was looking at U of A locations as well. They basically over saturated the U of A market with frozen yogurt options, preventing us from following through with our original plans.”

Greer said that he plans open the new 1800-square-foot self-serve style TCBY in the spring of this year. If all goes well in Rogers, Greer said that he and his wife will look at expanding to other areas in Northwest Arkansas, including Fayetteville.

“We hope to be successful with our first store in Rogers so that we may open other stores in NWA, and Fayetteville is obviously at the top of our list for store number 2,” Greer said. “We live in Fayetteville and will probably live here forever.”