National Weather Service predicts another big snow for NWA

Photo: Todd Gill / Enlarge
An early morning snow on Jan. 20 was responsible for two days of public school closings.

Better get your snow shoes, snow shovels, and snow hats out. It appears that another winter storm is on the way.

The National Weather Service out of Tulsa is predicting two inches of sleet and snow for tonight, followed by another 5 to 7 inches of snow on Tuesday. After that, some of the most bitterly cold temperatures in recent memory are expected to roll in later this week, with temperatures as low as minus 7 degrees.

Monday morning, KNWA’s Jason Dollard predicted between 4 and 8 inches of snow on top of about a quarter-inch of ice. The 40/29 weather blog indicated predictions of up to 1 inch of ice, followed by 4 to 8 inches of snow, and weather Rick Katzfey predicted between 14 and 18 inches in Northwest Benton County to an inch and a half of ice and about 5 inches of snow in Southeastern Washington County.

Weather Dustin Bartholomew (not a weather man) is predicting a quarter-inch of ice, and four inches of snow as a wild, uninformed guess based solely on what everyone else is saying.

Bizarrely, this storm is right in line with the ice storm that hit two years ago (on Jan. 26, 2009), and the big snow storm we got last year (Jan. 28, 2010).

What do you think? Is #snowpocalypse11 upon us?