A&P Commission delays spring funding discussion until June

The Fayetteville Advertising & Promotion Commission on Monday agreed to wait an extra month before awarding any money to those seeking event funds.

The group normally considers the requests at its regular May meeting, but with nearly $166,000 in new funding requests and only $6,229 left in the commission’s budget, director Marilyn Heifner suggested putting the awards discussion off until June.

With less sales tax money to work with, the commission typically has a smaller amount of extra money to dispense each spring than it does in the fall. That fact, plus a recent decision to remodel the Fayetteville Town Center, contributed to a smaller-than-normal amount of leftover cash.

Heifner said waiting another month could allow time to generate more money for those groups seeking help.

Either you’ve got about $6,000 to dispense among everybody or you might have a little more if you wait.

— A&P Director Marilyn Heifner

“That way,” said Heifner, “the Town Center remodeling will be finished and if we have any extra money then, we can go from there.”

The facelift, which includes new carpet, paint and chairs, is the first major update to the facility since it opened in July 2001.

Commission chair Maudie Schmitt asked Heifner about the effect a delay would have on organizers who were seeking money for early spring events.

The Block Street Block Party, for example, is requesting help for a May 22 event. Two others – Bikes, Babes & Bling and All OUT June – have requested funding for events in June.

“Either you’ve got about $6,000 to dispense among everybody or you might have a little more if you wait,” said Heifner.

The commission agreed to wait an extra month, and will formally review the applications on June 13.

About funding requests:
Twice each year, the commission reviews applications for event funding help. Those who are approved, receive “seed money” for their event. The money comes from leftover revenue generated by the two percent Hotel-Motel-Restaurant (HMR) tax.