Filled: Q4 2011 Fayetteville boards, commissions and committees

During Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Ward 1 Alderwoman Adella Gray announced the selections for several open board and committee positions, as recommended by the council’s Nominating Committee.

Nearly all open positions were filled this time around.

Below is the full list of new board and committee members:

Active Transportation Advisory Committee
Quin ThompsonOne term ending 12/31/13
Gale WingateOne term ending 12/31/13
Jared HintergardtOne term ending 12/31/13
Nick JonesOne term ending 12/31/13
Aaron ThomasOne term ending 12/31/13

Airport Board
Bill CorleyOne aeronautical term ending 12/31/16
Ken HaxelOne University of Arkansas term ending 12/31/16

Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals
David Holland – One unexpired term ending 3/31/15
Anthony Clark – One unexpired term ending 3/31/15

Animal Services Advisory Board
No applications were received

Audit Committee
Judy JacobsOne term ending 12/31/14

Board of Adjustments
Tim SteinOne unexpired term ending 3/31/15

Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals
Brian HogueOne unexpired alternate member term ending 3/31/12

Environmental Action Committee
Dana SmithOne citizen-at-large term ending 12/31/14
Lori YazwinskiOne citizen-at-large term ending 12/31/14

Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
Matthew CabeOne term ending 12/28/16

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
Phillip McKnightOne term ending 12/31/14
Grant HodgesOne term ending 12/31/14
John M. PaulOne term ending 12/31/14

Telecommunications Board
Greg GoggansOne unexpired term ending 6/30/13

Urban Forestry Advisory Board
Betty MartinOne university representative term ending 12/31/13
Donald SteinkrausOne community citizen-at-large term ending 12/31/13