Frisco Trail repair continues near Center Street

A worker with Prime Contracting, Inc. uses an excavator to rebuild the streamside slope leading up to Frisco Trail just south of Center Street Thursday morning.

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

Repairs to a heavily damaged section of Frisco Trail are underway just south of the Center Street trail crossing.

Last year’s heavy floods caused a large portion of the streamside slope leading up to the trail to be washed away taking several pieces of the path’s asphalt with it.

Trail damage, May 2011.

Photo: Todd Gill

Work began in June near Gregg Avenue, but has now moved closer to the damage site where a crew with Prime Contracting, Inc. is using an excavator to rebuild the creekside slope directly east of the trail.

The project includes construction of gabion baskets with native brown sandstone along the east edge of the creek to establish a solid base to reconstruct the hillside above. A new retaining wall will then be constructed above the new structural hillside and a new asphalt trail will be placed above the wall. A new drainage swale and storm drainage inlet will also be installed on the east side of the trail to prevent the water from crossing the trail and wall.

A temporary gravel trail was constructed as a detour to allow the trail connection to remain open to trail users.

According to a city news release, FEMA will reimburse the city with 75 percent of eligible expenses. The Arkansas Department of Energy Management will then reimburse 12.5 percent, leaving the city’s portion at 12.5 percent of eligible expenses.

The trail repair is expected to be completed by the end of August.