PHOTOS: A look at the Fayetteville PIGShibition pig sculptures

Each pig installation includes a box of “Follow the Pig Trail” info sheets courtesy of the Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission.

With more than a dozen PIGShibition sculptures now on display around town, we thought it was a good time to post a list and some photos of the pigs here on the Flyer.

For those unaware, PIGShibition is a fundraising and awareness effort led by the Ozark Literacy Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing basic literacy and language instruction for area residents.

Modeled after similar public art exhibits including CowParade, PIGShibition aims to place 25 six-foot-tall pigs all over Fayetteville.

The pigs are painted by local artists, sponsored by local businesses for $3,000 (Blue Ribbon) or $6,000 (Top Hog) and then placed somewhere in town. The Top Hog pigs will stay with their sponsors, and the Blue Ribbon pigs will be sold during the “Piggies go to Market” event inside the Fayetteville Town Center on March 14, 2013.

Fayetteville sculptor Mike Davis Gutierrez designed the original pig and Glynn Samuels, who owns G&D Fiberglass in Hindsville, supplied the fiberglass molds.

Note: We’ll be adding photos and information as more pigs are sponsored and installed around town


By: Adam Campbell
Sponsor: Adventure Subaru (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 519 W. Dickson St. – on Dickson Street by the trail and railroad crossing

“Ferdinand the Bull (Pig)”

By: Carol Sharos
Sponsor: BHK Kafe (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 1 E. Center St. – in front of East Square Plaza on the downtown square

“Pig Up a Book and Read”

By: Priscilla White
Sponsor: Arvest Bank (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 75 N. East Ave. – on the northeast corner of the downtown square


By: Mel Thompson
Sponsor: Destinations Travel Agency (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 3849 W. Wedington Dr. – in front of Destinations Travel Agency

“The Reader”

By: Jason Jones
Sponsor: CertaPro Painters (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 2243 N. College Ave. – in front of CertaPro Painters

“Sweet Pea”

By: Margot Moulton
Sponsor: Walker Charitable Foundation (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 495 W. Dickson St. – inside the Walton Arts Center’s Rose Garden

“When Pigs Fly”

By: Jack Wilson
Sponsor: Friends of Drake Field (Blue Ribbon)
Location: 4290 S. School Ave. – inside the lobby of the Fayetteville Airport Terminal

“Ball Hog”

By: Michael Marzullo
Sponsor: Pinnacle Foods (Top Hog)
Location: 1100 W. 15th St. – in front of Pinnacle Foods

“Bountiful Fayetteville”

By: Rae Russell
Sponsor: Fayetteville Advertising and Promotions Commission (Top Hog)
Location: 930 W. Clinton Dr. – in front of the Clinton House Museum

“The Pig Easy”

By: Zeek Taylor
Sponsor: Powerhouse Seafood and Grill (Top Hog)
Location: 112 N. University Ave. – in front of Powerhouse Seafood and Grill


By: Matt Miller
Sponsor: Cox Communications (Top Hog)
Location: 3390 N. Futrall Dr. – in front of Cox Communications


By: Michael Marzullo
Sponsor: Mermaids Restaurant (Top Hog)
Location: 2217 N. College Ave. – in front of Mermaids Restaurant

“Sooie Student”

By: Jane Garrison Davidian
Sponsor: Inn at Carnall Hall (Top Hog)
Location: 465 Arkansas Ave. – on the patio at the Inn at Carnall Hall

“When Pigs Fly”

By: Ronie Sparkman
Sponsor: Tyson Foods (Top Hog)
Location: 401 W. Mountain St. – in the lobby of the Fayetteville Public Library

“What’s the Pig Idea?”

By: Julian Santa Rita
Sponsor: Psychology and Counseling Associates of NWA (Grand Champion)
Location: 1 W. Sunbridge Dr. – in front of Psychology and Counseling Associates of NWA


By: Susan Shackelford
Sponsor: Psychology and Counseling Associates of NWA (Grand Champion)
Location: 560 N. Rupple Rd. – in front of the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club

Piggies go to Market

All Blue Ribbon-sponsored pigs will be sold during this auction-style event.
When: 6-11 p.m. March 14, 2013
Where: Fayetteville Town Center
Tickets: $50
More info: