A&P Commission awards over $160,000 during spring 2013 funding meeting

Ward 2 Alderman and A&P Commissioner Matthew Petty (right) meets with Mount Sequoyah representatives Abby Foster (center) and Ann Catherine Jouett (left) about the group’s request for funding.

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission awarded over $160,000 to help fund 15 projects during its regular spring special funding discussion Monday afternoon.

Topping the list was the Fayetteville Roots Festival, whose organizers received $30,000 to help fund and promote the 2013 installment of the event, set to take place Aug. 22-25 in various locations around town.

Other top awards went to Lights of the Ozarks ($25,000), Symphony of Northwest Arkansas ($20,000), and Last Night Fayetteville ($20,000).

Groups sometimes receive donations to cover rental fees for events held inside the commission’s Fayetteville Town Center. Such was the case with The Little Craft Show, whose organizers were given a $3,700 award to expand the footprint of the 2013 event, planned for Saturday, Dec. 7.

Twice each year, the commission awards funds to groups needing financial help with promoting or starting an event. The funds available depend on what’s left over from the commission’s budget, which is funded mostly by half of the city’s 2 percent HMR sales tax.

The commission had nearly $189,000 to award on Monday, but voted to keep nearly $30,000 to cover an expected budget deficit from a decline in sales at the Fayetteville Visitor Center.

Listed below are the award amounts for each group who requested funds.

» Watch the meeting as recorded by the Fayetteville Government Channel

Spring 2013 awards

  1. Texas League All-Star Gala$1,500
    The Northwest Arkansas Naturals were awarded $1,500 to cover rental fees for Reynolds Razorback Stadium during a charity gala event to be held Monday, June 24 as part of the festivities for the 77th annual Texas League Allstar Game.
  2. Battle of the Beersn/a
    Apple Blossom Brewing Co. requested $15,000 to help fund and promote an Arkansas beer showcase event, but withdrew their request citing difficulties in securing licenses and permits to hold the event. Organizers said Monday they plan to regroup and bring another request to the commission in 2014.
  3. Puppets in the Park$2,500
    The Art Experience, Inc. was awarded $2,500 to help fund and promote the 2013 Puppets in the Park event at Wilson Park on Saturday, Oct. 5.
  4. Gala for Education$15,000
    TheatreSquared was awarded $15,000 to expand and move its annual Gala for Education fundraiser event to the Fayetteville Town Center in November 2013.
  5. Last Night Fayetteville$20,000
    Organizers were awarded $20,000 to help fund and promote the 2013 Last Night Fayetteville event, set for Tuesday, Dec. 31 on the downtown square.
  6. Fayetteville Roots Festival$30,000
    Organizers received $30,000 to help fund and promote the 2013 Fayetteville Roots Festival, set to take place Aug. 22-25 in various locations around town including the Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville Farmers’ Market and Kingfish bar.
  7. Fayetteville Half Marathon$4,000
    All Sports Productions was awarded $4,000 to help fund and promote the 2013 Fayetteville Half Marathon, set to take place Dec. 14-15 in Fayetteville.
  8. Merry Little Christmas at Mount Sequoyah$3,000
    Mount Sequoyah Center, Inc. was awarded $3,000 to help fund and promote the 2013 Merry Little Christmas at Mount Sequoyah event, set to take place from Dec. 7 to Jan. 5 on Mount Sequoyah.
  9. The Little Craft Show$3,700
    Organizers received a $3,700 in-kind award to cover rental fees at the Fayetteville Town Center for the 2013 Little Craft Show, set to take place Saturday, Dec. 7.
  10. Bulldog Classic$6,250
    Fayetteville High School was awarded $6,250 to help fund the Bulldog Classic, a 16-team, boys and girls basketball tournament set for Dec. 5-7 at the Fayetteville High School arena.
  11. Baseball Regional and Super Regional Championships$10,000
    The University of Arkansas was awarded $5,000 to promote a 2013 NCAA Baseball Regional and $5,000 to promote a Super Regional (if each are held in Fayetteville) from May 30-June 2 and June 7-9. Note: Funds were awarded in 2011 and 2012, but were not distributed because the UA was not selected as a host school.
  12. Lights of the Ozarks$25,000
    Fayetteville Parks and Recreation was awarded $15,000 to operate the 2013 Lights of the Ozarks display on the downtown square from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31. Commissioners earmarked an additional $10,000 to be put toward a planned expansion of the annual lighting display.
  13. UA Regional Flag Football Tournament$1,000
    The University of Arkansas Department of University Recreation was awarded a $1,000 matching donation to help pay for staff hotels and a staff social related to the Oct. 25-27 student Flag Football Tournament.
  14. Bikes, Blues and BBQ Impact Study$15,000
    Bikes, Blues and BBQ, Inc. was awarded $15,000 to put toward a $23,661 study by the University of Arkansas’ Center for Business and Economic Research to examine the economic impact of the annual motorcycle rally.
  15. Symphony of Northwest Arkansas (SoNA)$20,000
    Officials were awarded $20,000 to help promote SoNA’s 2013-14 season.
  16. Arkansas Entertainers Walk of Fame$5,000
    Organizers were awarded $5,000 to promote the launch of the Arkansas Entertainers Walk of Fame, a series of bronze plaques honoring well-known Arkansas entertainers to be embedded into the sidewalks on Center Street and the downtown square.