Fall 2013 A&P funding requests total over $420,000

Bobby Ferrell (left), who serves on the A&P Commission, meets with Uptown Fayetteville representatives Diane Scott and Jeff Bishop about the group’s request for funding for the annual July 4 Freedom Fireworks celebration in 2012.

Photo: Todd Gill, Flyer staff

The fall 2013 Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission funding requests are in and organizers are seeking a total of $421,980 for 28 planned events or projects.

That’s over $120,000 more than what was requested last fall, and nearly $240,000 more than the average amount awarded each fall over the last three years.

Fall A&P funding amounts

 RequestedAwardedMore info
2012$293,115$145,328Full story
2011$388,745$182,828Full story
2010$737,295$222,176Full story

Source: Staff report

The A&P distributes its leftover funds twice each year to organizers requesting financial assistance for events and projects planned in Fayetteville. This year’s fall funding meeting is set to begin at noon on Monday, Nov. 11 inside the Fayetteville Town Center conference room. Marilyn Heifner, executive director of the commission, said Monday she wasn’t yet sure how much money would be left over to distributed next month.

Listed below are the groups requesting funds and a brief description of each event or project. We’ve also uploaded a copy of the full packet of funding requests, which is available here.

Fall 2013 funding requests

  1. Ales & Tails$19,400
    Former A&P Commission members Brandon Karn and Maudie Schmitt are requesting $15,000 for advertising costs and promotional materials related to a new festival that features locally brewed craft beer and Louisiana crawfish, planned for March 29, 2014 at the Fayetteville Town Center. The organizers are also requesting free rental of the Town Center up to $4,400.
  2. Arts Live Theatre$6,545
    Arts Live Theatre is requesting $6,545 for newspaper ads, copying fees and other costs related to the promotion of its main and second stage productions during the 2013-14 season. The group received $2,000 last fall.
  3. Blues in the Natural State$20,000
    The Ozark Blues Society of Northwest Arkansas would like $20,000 to help expand the 11-year-old “Blues in the Natural State Music Festival” to a three-day event April 3-5, 2014. The group says it will use the money to help pay for performer fees, workshop facilitator fees, space and equipment rentals. Organizers plan to buy ads with TFW, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Currentland, Nightflying, Cumulus, Butler Broadcasting, KUAF, Cox, the Visitors Bureau and Facebook. Organizers said they will donate 10 percent of the profits to a local charity. The group received $4,000 in fall 2012.
  4. Chilirhea$5,250
    Organizers of the annual Chilirhea chili cook-off are requesting $5,250 for free rental of the Fayetteville Town Center for the Feb. 8, 2014 event, which aims to donate all proceeds to Alzheimer’s Arkansas and the Alzheimer’s Association. Any money allocated to the event beyond the rental cost would be used for unspecified advertising costs.
  5. Clicks Creative App$9,625
    The Fayetteville Forward Creative Economy Action Group is asking for $9,625 to develop an iPhone app that serves as a directory of creative individuals and businesses. The app would launch in mid-2014. Funds would be used to gather and maintain data on the app and accompanying website, and to purchase advertising from Google AdWords, the Apple App Store, KUAF 91.3FM, Facebook, Twitter, and other unspecified trade publications and blogs.
  6. Committee for Mardi Gras$2,900
    Committee for Mardi Gras, Inc. would like $2,900 to help promote the celebration of Mardi Gras in Fayetteville March 1-4, 2014. The funds would be used to print promotional materials, to pay a professional photographer, to buy t-shirts for volunteers, and to purchase ads in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, TFW, Fort Smith Times Record, Harrison Daily Times and Nightflying.
  7. Community Creative Center$15,000
    Community Creative Center is asking for $15,000 to help support its annual marketing initiative, which includes raising awareness of CCC, increasing classes, and attracting artists to its studio spaces. Organizers said they plan to place ads in print publications like TFW, Northwest Arkansas Times and Peekaboo. Expenses include design, printing and postage for class schedules and promotional materials, email blasts, street banners and two $450 portable clay wheels.
  8. Fayetteville Foam Fest$14,050
    Feed Communities is requesting $14,050 to help support the third annual Fayetteville Foam Fest, a craft beer appreciation event which raises money for local hunger relief organization Feed Fayetteville. The group says it would use the money to buy promotional materials and to purchase radio, television and print advertisements. The group received $5,100 last fall.
  9. Fayetteville Roots Festival$40,000
    Organizers of the annual Fayetteville Roots Festival would like $40,000 to help promote next year’s event (Aug 21-24) and to facilitate a temporary move of the main stage venue which is expected to be displaced due to planned construction at the Walton Arts Center. The event’s marketing plan includes advertisements to be purchased from various unspecified print and web media, radio and TV stations, and social media. The group received $20,000 in fall 2012.
  10. Fayetteville Underground$40,000
    Fayetteville Art Alliance is requesting $40,000 for another year of funding for the Fayetteville Underground, which operates as an art gallery and event space on the downtown square. It’s the third major request from the organization, which received $55,000 from the commission in May 2012 to move into its new location, and $40,000 in November 2012 for continued operating expenses.
  11. Freedom Fireworks$25,000
    Uptown Fayetteville Association Inc. is asking for $25,000 to help put on the 2014 Fourth of July Freedom Fireworks event and a free music concert at the Northwest Arkansas Mall. Organizers do not plan to purchase any advertising, but noted that all marketing for the 2013 event was handled through in-kind sponsorships from Clear Channel Radio, KNWA, KFSM, Sign A Rama and the Northwest Arkansas Mall. The group received $15,000 last fall.
  12. Golden Age Games$75,000
    Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks would like $75,000 to help support the National Veterans Golden Age Games which is set for June 28 – July 3, 2014. The annual rehabilitative multi-event competition for seniors includes air rifle, bowling, cycling, field (discus, shot, javelin), golf, horseshoes, mind sports (checkers, dominoes), nine-ball, shuffleboard, swimming, table tennis and track. Past events have been held in Buffalo, NY, St. Louis, MO, and Honolulu, HI, with average visitor counts of 1600-2000 out-of-area participants. The funds would be used for general promotion, tent and equipment rental, memorabilia, and meals for participants, volunteers and staff.
  13. Iron Pig Festival$5,000
    All Sports Productions’s first request is for $5,000 to support next year’s Iron Pig Festival, which includes a duathlon, 5K, fun run and bike TT on March 22, 2014. Funds would be used to pay for mailing expenses, email campaigns and ads placed in unspecified print and web publications. This event received $2,000 in fall 2012.
  14. Joe Martin Stage Race$10,000
    All Sports Productions’s second request is for $10,000 to support the 2014 Joe Martin Stage Race, set for April 24-27 at various locations around town. The group says that without $10,000 to put toward television production costs, the event would run a loss for the first time ever. Organizers received $5,000 for this event in 2012, but were not awarded any funding cash in 2011.
  15. Joe Martin Grand Fondo$15,000
    All Sports Productions’s third request is for $15,000 to add a non-competitive bike tour ride during the 2014 Joe Martin Stage Race festivities on April 26. Funds would be used to pay for mailing expenses, email campaigns and ads placed in unspecified print and web publications.
  16. Tri Sport Kid’s Triathlon$3,500
    All Sports Productions’s fourth request is for $3,500 to promote the 2014 Tri Sports Kid’s Triathlon, set for June 21 at Fayetteville Athletic Club and Lewis & Clark Outfitters. Funds would be used to pay for mailing expenses, email campaigns and ads placed in unspecified print and web publications. This event did not receive money the last two years, but All Sports Productions received $1,250 in 2010 for an event called “Kids and Family Triathlon.”
  17. Mural Fundraising Event$11,500
    Local artist Matt Miller is requesting $11,500 to help promote a fundraising event for a new program aimed at providing funds for artists to create public art around town. Miller’s application states that A&P funds received would be used to provide advertising and mailing invitations for the event, which is scheduled for Nov. 3, 2013. The commission won’t meet to distribute funds until Nov. 11, so it’s unclear whether they can distribute money to retroactively fund promotion for an event that has already occurred. Miller was awarded $5,000 in fall 2011 for a similar launch event for his “Mural Project.”
  18. Women’s Gymnastics Regional$3,500
    The University of Arkansas Athletics Department’s first request is for $3,500 to promote and offset hosting expenses related to the 2014 National Collegiate Women’s Gymnastics Fayetteville Regional, set for April 5 at Barnhill Arena.
  19. NCAA Track Prelims$10,000
    The University of Arkansas Athletics Department’s second request is for $10,000 to promote and offset hosting expenses for the 2014 NCAA Men’s and Women’s Outdoor Track & Field Preliminary Championships, set for May 29-31 at John McDonnell Field, Randal Tyson Track Center, Bev Lewis Center and Walker Pavilion.
  20. NCAA Baseball Regionals$10,000
    The University of Arkansas Athletics Department’s third request is for $10,000 to promote and offset hosting expenses for the 2014 NCAA Baseball Regional and Super Regional Championships, if Arkansas is awarded hosting privileges for those events. The commission has allocated money for regionals and super regionals in years past, but because the school was not awarded hosting privileges, no funds were distributed.
  21. NWA Juggling Festival$5,710
    NWA Juggling Festival organizers are asking for $5,710 to help support the 20-year-old event, set for April 11-13, 2014 at the UA Global Campus and other locations around Fayetteville and the region. Funds would be used to rent the Global Campus Theater; to rent gym space; to pay performers and their travel expenses; to print promotional materials; and to buy concessions to sell at the show.
  22. NWA TechFest$2,500
    NWA’TechFest,’Inc. would like $2,500 to support their event, which began in 2010 in the Rogers/Bentonville area before moving to Fayetteville in 2012. The group says it gives all $2 ticket fees and collected can goods to the NWA Food Bank. The event is set for Jan. 31 at the UA Globacl Campus. Funds would be used to pay rental fees for the facility, lunch and beverage costs, and t-shirts purchased from Houndstooth Clothing.
  23. Primal Challenge$14,000
    Primal Challenge, LLC is asking for $14,000 to help support the second annual event, which features a four-mile obstacle course, set for April 18-19, 2014 off Dead Horse Mountain Road in Fayetteville. Funds would be used to purchase a website, host a post-race party, purchase new obstacles for the course, and to buy ads from Facebook and other unspecified media.
  24. Renaissance and Fantasy Faire$5,000
    Organizers of The Renaissance and Fantasy Faire of the Ozarks would like $5,000 to help promote their event, set for April 5-6, 2014 at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Funds would be used to purchase TV ads and billboard placement. The group received $2,000 last fall for this event.
  25. TheatreSquared$28,000
    TheatreSquared would like $28,000 to help promote next year’s season and to expand marketing to Oklahoma and Southeast Missouri. Funds would be used to buy brochures, pay for private party and corporate events, and to purchase ads in NWA Media publications, CitiScapes, Fayetteville Flyer and Cox media. TheatreSquared received $20,000 last fall to support its current season, and $15,000 last spring to support its annual Gala for Education fundraiser event.
  26. UA Drama Spiritual Awakenings$7,000
    The University of Arkansas Department of Drama would like $7,000 to purchase equipment and to promote its production of the musical Spring Awakening from Feb. 21 through March 2, 2014 on the UA campus. Aside from buying sound equipment needed to mic the band, the department would like to purchase ads in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, print and distribute posters around campus and pay for email blasts.
  27. Weekend of Champions$15,500
    Fayetteville High School’s first request is for $15,500 to support the 16th Annual Weekend of Champions baseball, soccer and softball event, set for May 23-24 on the University of Arkansas campus. Funds would be used to rent Baum Stadium, Bogle Park and Razorback Soccer Field; to buy signs and banners; to rent hotel rooms; pay bid costs; clean up the area after the event; and pay for security workers, gate workers, score board operators, book keepers and announcers. The school received $9,000 for this event in fall 2012.
  28. Tri-State Volleyball Challenge$3,000
    Fayetteville High School’s second request is for $3,000 to support the Tri-State Volleyball Challenge tournament, set for September 2014 at the school’s Bulldog Arena. Organizers said funds would be used to pay for “facility rental” fees, team travel expenses, and officiating expenses. The school received $3,000 for this event in fall 2012.