A&P Commission awards $66,500 during fall 2017 funding meeting

The 2017 Artosphere Festival included Squonk Opera’s “Sonic Cycle” show during the festival’s Trail Mix events along the Razorback Greenway.

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Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission members awarded $66,500 to help fund 13 upcoming events and projects during the group’s regular fall funding discussion held Monday afternoon inside the Fayetteville Town Center.

Twice each year, the commission awards funds to groups needing financial help with promoting or starting an event.

The group on Monday, however agreed to add a third funding cycle to better serve organizations whose events are scheduled late in the year, but who don’t have all the details ready to apply for funds as required in the spring.

Fall A&P funding amounts

 AwardedRequestedMore info
2016$104,934$516,838Full story
2015$138,492$386,873Full story
2014$155,922$561,522Full story
2013$261,880$421,980Story 1, 2
2012$145,328$293,115Full story
2011$182,828$388,745Full story
2010$222,176$737,295Full story

Source: Staff report

Two applicants, the Little Craft Show and Ozark Off-Road Cyclists, have events planned at the end of this year. Instead of denying their applications, which should have been filed in time for the spring funding meeting, the commission voted separately to approve funding for those events using leftover money from the spring grant cycle.

Just like in the spring, Executive Director Molly Rawn assembled a team that used a defined rubric to come up with recommended award amounts. Applicants were rated on organizational capacity, administrative experience, advertising and promotional plans, and potential sales tax impact.

The only change to Rawn’s recommendations was to fully award the Walton Arts Center’s $15,000 request for the 2018 Artosphere Festival. Rawn had recommended putting $5,000 toward the event because it’s spread across three different cities and isn’t located solely in Fayetteville.

Commissioner Robert Rhoads said the arts center provides a regional draw for Fayetteville and shouldn’t be dinged in its request for hosting a multi-city event. Commissioner Todd Martin agreed and seconded Rhoads’ motion to fully fund the application. The group as a whole voted unanimously in favor of awarding the full $15,000.

Four organizations received no award for various reasons.

Rawn said two events – the Arts Live Theatre Gala and the Chase Foundation’s Chase the Blues Away – are strictly fundraising endeavors with no expected tourism impact.

Fenix Fayetteville requested $15,000 for an event at the Walker-Stone House, but Rawn said with the future use of the house being unclear at the moment, she was hesitant to recommend funding for the local arts group. Rawn said once the dates are set for the third funding cycle, Fenix Fayetteville could potentially reapply.

The NWA Juggling Association’s annual juggling festival was also denied funding during this round. Rawn said the festival, which has received funding for the past four years in a row, has not seen the type of growth she would expect from a continually funded event.

Both Rawn and commission chair Matthew Petty said Monday’s decision doesn’t preclude the organization from receiving funding in the future, but added that they’d like to first see a bigger push from the group to increase attendance.

Details of the third funding cycle and finalization of the fall funding awards are expected at next month’s regular meeting on Nov. 27.

Fall 2017 A&P Funding Awards

Arts Live TheatreArts Live Theatre Gala$0$5,800
Botanical Garden of the OzarksArkansas Flower and Garden Show$5,000$14,519
Chase FoundationChase the Blues Away$0$5,000
Community Creative CenterTen-year Celebration$4,500$15,000
Fayetteville Public SchoolsWeekend of Champions$10,000$14,961
Fenix FayettevilleSpring Art Festival$0$15,000
Hogeye Events, Inc.Razor Run$3,000$7,500
Little Craft ShowLittle Craft Show$2,500$10,000
Michael HoermanCrossover$1,000*$5,000
NWA Center for EqualityNWA Pride$7,000$10,000
NWA Juggling AssociationNWA Juggling Festival$0$1,400
Open Mouth Reading Series2018 Poetry Series and Festival$1,000*$12,000
Ozark Off-Road CyclistsPlaying in the Dirt$5,000$5,000
Power Yoga RetreatsFayetteville Yoga Fest$5,000$15,000
SoNASeason Marketing Support$4,500$12,000
Spark FoundationNutty Runner 5K$3,000$8,930
Walton Arts CenterArtosphere$15,000$15,000

* A&P will place a $1,000 targeted online advertisement on behalf of the event