Weekend Flyer: Cadillac Jackson, Vintage Pistol, local online eating challenge, Scrabble

Cadillac Jackson / Courtesy

It’s the weekend, which right now means virtually nothing because days don’t matter anymore, so, yay?

This weekend, there are a few streaming performances from local bands to check out. Fossil Cove Brewing will host a streaming show on Friday night with locals Cadillac Jackson, and on Saturday night with fellow locals Vintage Pistol. Both shows are set for about 8 p.m., and will be streamed via production company Deepwood Media’s Facebook Page here.

JJ’s will also be streaming shows this weekend, with Matt Berger on Friday night and Mister Lucky on Saturday. These will be live from 6-8 p.m. on their Rogers location Facebook page.

There’s a competitive eating challenge you could watch on Instagram Live Friday night featuring former Hogs Nick Brewer facing off versus fellow former Hog Grant Cook. Another former Hog, Frank Ragnow, will provide the commentary. Here’s more info about that.

You could orders some take out from a local place, and take a meal or a day off from cooking. Here’s our list of places that are still up and running (as far as we know) for takeout, curbside, or delivery.

Other than that, you could plant a garden with some of the free compost you got from the city earlier this week (pretty sure they’re sold out by now), walk over to Wilson Park and check out the new skink sculpture at the castle, check out the current show at Art Ventures online, reserve a book or something for curbside pick up at the library, email a local business and tell them about these ads we’re trying out next week, learn to hula dance, learn to ballroom dance, learn to belly dance, learn some TikTok dances, freestyle dance somewhere, play bongos, decoupage, clean our your garage, clean out my garage, try new foods, punch a brick wall just to feel something, do another puzzle, burn a distress signal into the grass in your lawn, go streaking, bring me some cookies, put in a load of laundry, wash more dishes, homeschool my children, weed my garden, paint the baseboards in my hallway, figure out why my refrigerator froze and ruined a dozen eggs this week (still mad about that one), teach me how to dougie, adopt a cat, adopt a highway, check on a neighbor, quit smoking, go for a walk, or play some Scrabble.

That’s all I can think of for now. Have the best weekend you possibly can.