We’re giving a few Fayetteville Flyer caps to our supporters

Update: We have chosen the winners and will mail the caps today. Congrats to our winners Matt, Sean, Sarah, Taylor, and Jesse!

We’re five months into our first-ever reader support campaign, and we are eternally grateful to everyone who has chipped in to support the Flyer so far.

After an amazing start, we’ve fallen a bit behind our monthly progress goal for fundraising this month, so we decided maybe a little giveaway will help stir up some interest to keep us on track.

For those who aren’t familiar, we launched our campaign back in January as a way to answer the question some of our readers have been asking us for years, “How can we support the Flyer?”

Since then, several of you have stepped with a one-time or recurring contribution to the cause of supporting our work and helping to keep the Flyer free for all.

We made a short run of Fayetteville Flyer caps, and we’ll be giving 5 of them away to our recurring supporters at random on Friday, July 14.

If you’d like to become a Fayetteville Flyer supporter, visit our contribution page here. Once there, you can set up a one-time, annual, or monthly contribution.

Thanks to everyone for reading, sharing our stories, and supporting the local places that keep the Flyer flying! We are so thankful for all of you.