Silver Dollar City to build new $30 million Fire in the Hole roller coaster

Silver Dollar City announces the upcoming groundbreaking of a new $30 million Fire in the Hole indoor roller coaster. (Courtesy image)

Silver Dollar City this week announced plans to build a new Fire In The Hole roller coaster that will open in spring 2024.

The original Fire In The Hole ride is set to close at the end of the 2023 season after 51 years in operation at the Branson theme park.

The new $30 million ride will be the largest indoor roller coaster in the Midwest, according to a news release. At nearly one-third of a mile in length, the coaster will be housed in a five-story, temperature-controlled building.

Just like the original ride, the new Fire in the Hole storyline is themed around the story of Marmaros, an Ozarks hill town that is rumored to have been set ablaze by a group of vigilantes known as the Baldknobbers.

The original coaster sent riders past scenes that show residents trying to extinguish the fires. The coaster’s cars cross a collapsing bridge before dodging a steam train, and then crashing into a dynamite shack. In the ride’s iconic finale, the cars fall into a pool of water, splashing riders in the face.

The new Fire in the Hole will feature a powered incline and gravity descent, including three drops and a quick splash-landing, along with high-resolution onboard audio, show lighting and special effects, according to the release.

The new ride will be constructed by the U.S.-based Rocky Mountain Construction, the same firm that built the theme park’s Outlaw Run ride.