Groups request over $500,000 for planned events in Fayetteville

Fall A&P funding amounts

 AwardedRequestedMore info
2015$138,492$386,873Full story
2014$155,922$561,522Full story
2013$261,880$421,980Story 1, 2
2012$145,328$293,115Full story
2011$182,828$388,745Full story
2010$222,176$737,295Full story

Source: Staff report

The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission will meet next week for its biannual funding meeting to distribute leftover tax dollars to those asking for help.

Organizers are seeking a total of $516,838 for 37 planned festivals, projects, and community events.

That’s nearly $380,000 more than commissioners approved last fall, and almost double the amount that’s ever been given in any single award period.

The A&P distributes its leftover funds twice each year to organizers requesting financial assistance for events and projects planned in Fayetteville.

Commissioners will meet Monday, Nov. 14 to decide how much money to give away this fall.

Listed below are all the groups who are requesting funds for an event or project. To see the full applications, visit

Fall 2016 A&P Funding Awards

  1. AR Air and Military Museum (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    The Arkansas Air and Military Museum requested $10,000 to update and maintain advertising items designed to promote interest in the museum in 2017.
  2. Arkansas Brewgrass Festival (PDF) – Request: $15,000
    Officials with the Arkansas Brewgrass Festival would like $15,000 to help with marketing and production costs for next year’s event, set for April 15, 2017 at the Washington County Fairgrounds.
  3. Arkansas Comedy Collective, LLC (PDF) – Request: $5,000
    The Arkansas Comedy Collective requested $5,000 to cover advertising costs for the Huge Lightning Comedy Festival, scheduled for April 20, 2017 at Path Outfitters in Fayetteville.
  4. Art Feeds (PDF) – Request: $25,805
    Art Feeds officials would like $25,805 for various costs associated with the creation of a mural park in Shulertown off of Dickson Street created by elementary students.
  5. Artist’s Laboratory Theatre (PDF) – Request: $10,953
    Artist’s Laboratory Theatre requested $10,953 for marketing and advertising support for the group’s 2017 season.
  6. Bike Fayetteville / City of Fayetteville (PDF) – Request: $4,500
    The city’s Sustainability Department would like $4,500 for advertising costs associated with next year’s Bike Month events in May 2017.
  7. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks (PDF) – Request: $18,295
    The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks requested $18,295 to supplement advertising costs in 2017.
  8. Cattywampus Co-op (PDF) – Request: $21,000
    Cattywampus Co-op officials would like $21,000 for promotional costs associated with the inaugural Cattywampus Wonderland art and craft show on Dec. 10, 2016 at the Washington County Fairgrounds.
  9. Comedians NWA/Susu Productions, LLC (PDF) – Request: $3,600
    Comedians NWA requested $3,600 to advertise three shows featuring national comedians in 2017.
  10. Community Creative Center (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    The Community Creative Center would like $10,000 for marketing support during 2017.
  11. Equestrian Bridges (PDF) – Request: $23,840
    Equestrian Bridges officials requested $23,840 to advertise and promote the group’s Fall Festival and Mini Derby events, along with other regular programming in 2017.
  12. Fayetteville Underground (PDF) – Request: $18,700
    Fayetteville Underground wants $18,700 for a fifth year of general marketing costs, and to help with the group’s upcoming Sense of Place project.
  13. Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association (PDF) – Request: $19,000
    The Fayetteville Evergreen Cemetery Association requested $19,000 to replace a monument honoring Archibald Yell at the cemetery.
  14. Fayetteville High School (PDF) – Request: $55,000
    Fayetteville High School would like $55,000 to make improvements to the Lady Dawg Softball Complex on Lewis Street in Fayetteville.
  15. Fayetteville High School (PDF) – Request: $14,961
    Fayetteville High School would also like $14,961 to pay the University of Arkansas for stadium rentals at Bogle Park, Baum Stadium, Razorback Field during the Weekend of Champions event May 19-20, 2017.
  16. Fayetteville Parks & Rec (PDF) – Request: $4,000
    The city’s parks and recreation department requested $4,000 for costs associated with the Ladies DU Fayetteville duathlon race, set for June 11, 2017 at Veterans Memorial Park.
  17. Fayetteville Public Schools (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    Fayetteville Public Schools would like $10,000 to pay for appearance fees, awards, and other expenses related to this year’s Bulldog Classic basketball tournament scheduled for Dec. 8-10. 2016.
  18. Fossil Cove Brewing (PDF) – Request: $15,000
    Fossil Cove Brewing Company requested $15,000 to promote the second annual Frost Fest craft beer festival, scheduled for February 2017.
  19. Habitat for Humanity (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    Habitat for Humanity would like $10,000 to help promote the 2017 Springfest event, set for April 8, 2017 on Dickson Street.
  20. Idle Class Magazine (PDF) – Request: $7,500
    Idle Class Magazine requested $7,500 to rent a venue on Dickson Street for the Black Apple Awards show on April 14, 2017.
  21. Inverse Performance Arts Festival (PDF) – Request: $15,950
    Organizers of the Inverse Performance Art Festival would like $15,950 to pay for artists’ travel expenses and promote the 2017 festival, scheduled for March 30 through April 1 next year.
  22. Joe Martin Stage Race (PDF) – Request: $35,000
    All Sports Productions would like $35,000 to help pay national and international sanctioning fees and marketing costs for the upcoming Joe Martin Stage Race professional cycling event and the Gran Fondo amateur ride, set for March 30 through April 2, 2017.
  23. Magdalene Serenity House (PDF) – Request: $7,500
    Officials with the Magdalene Serenity House requested $7,500 to pay the Kruger Brothers band to play at a concert designed to raise funds for the organization.
  24. Matt Miller (PDF) – Request: $15,000
    Local artist Matt Miller would like $15,000 to paint a mural on the side of a building on Prairie Street in south Fayetteville.
  25. Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival (PDF) – Request: $2,370
    Organizers of the Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival requested $2,370 to help pay venue costs for next year’s event, scheduled from March 31 through April 9, 2017 at multiple locations in Fayetteville, including the Yvonne Richardson Community Center.
  26. NWA Creative Arts Network (PDF) – Request: $5,210
    NWA Creative Arts Network officials want $5,210 to promote the new Stage Eighteen venue on Center Street in downtown Fayetteville.
  27. NWA Musicians Connection (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    The NWA Musicians Connection requested $10,000 to promote its monthly Songwriters Circles events in 2017.
  28. Ozark Literacy Council (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    Officials with the Ozark Literacy Council would like $10,000 to promote the Read Across NWA event, set for July 15, 2017.
  29. Ozark Mixology and Arts Festival (PDF) – Request: $15,000
    Organizers of the Ozark Mixology and Arts Festival requested $15,000 to promote the 2017 festival, set for Jan. 13-15 at multiple locations in Fayetteville.
  30. SoNA (PDF) – Request: $10,000
    Symphony of Northwest Arkansas would like $10,000 to help with marketing costs associated with the organization’s 2017 budget.
  31. TEMP Series Project & UU Fellowship (PDF) – Request: $14,600
    Unitarian Universalist Fellowship requested $14,600 to pay screening fees and rent the Fayetteville Public Library for the FAIR Project in 2017.
  32. TheatreSquared (PDF) – Request: $20,000
    TheatreSquared officials requested $20,000 for marketing support during the 2017 performance season.
  33. The Art Experience (PDF) – Request: $25,000
    The Art Experience, Inc. would like $25,000 to promote the 2017 Puppets in the Park event, set for Oct. 21 at Wilson Park.
  34. UA Graduate Thesis Project (PDF) – Request: $4,954
    The University of Arkansas Lemke Department of Journalism would like $4,954 to purchase six GoPro cameras and other equipment needed to produce Virtual Fayetteville, a monthly series of 360 films promoting Fayetteville, and a short documentary travelogue film for a student’s master thesis.
  35. UA Recreation (PDF) – Request: $1,000
    The University of Arkansas Recreation Department requested $1,000 to reimburse the department for food purchased during the Region IV Flag Football Tournament which appears to have been held earlier this year (Oct. 21-23) on the UA campus.
  36. UAMS (PDF) – Request: $3,100
    The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Office of Continuing Education would like $3,100 to help pay for a networking reception during the 2017 ICARE Conference, scheduled for Dec. 8-10 at the Chancellor Hotel.
  37. Walton Arts Center (PDF) – Request: $20,000
    Walton Arts Center officials requested $20,000 to help pay for artist fees, travel, lodging, and marketing costs associated with the Fayetteville portions of the 2017 Artosphere Festival, set for May 4-20 at various locations around the region.